Azurbali Drybag


Azurbali is Indonesia’s own brand of waterproof dry bags company established in December 2011. Dry all the time is the spirit behind the waterproof dry bags brand and Azurbali is proud to be an Indonesian waterproof dry bags brand.

Starting with cylinder dry bags in 10L size, Azurbali slowly increase the drybags variants and other accessories and now there are five different sizes and styles; they are 10L size, 15L size, Tote bag, pouch bag, and belt.

The products are mostly waterproof dry bags in various sizes and styles. Azurbali products are colorful, eclectic, fun and waterproof. We cater to happiness by giving customers attractive colors and friendly services.

Azurbali products can be found online or in reseller stores around Bali, Jakarta, Makassar, Manado and Labuan Bajo.

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